Johnson astute on land-use issues |

Johnson astute on land-use issues

Dear Editor:This is a tough year to be running for office. I have never before seen such vitriol in our election processes. Seems like a malignancy spreading from the Congress to the counties which we simply must get under control. Pitkin County is such a special place, and that is due in large measure to meaningful land-use controls which I support even when disagreeing with maybe a single instance. Our local government has done a great job, and I am glad to be living here in the Crystal Valley, where we are protected from runaway development.One fellow whom I know – Jack Johnson – has dedicated thousands of hours of his time, his energy and his intelligence in preserving those things which we hold so dear. It was my honor to serve seven years on the P&Z, during which I listened and learned about the issues facing local governments. So many people approach land-use planning thinking they already know all about it. It’s simply not so.Jack Johnson has had intense experience as a city councilman and on planning and zoning commissions. He has probably made some tough decisions which could have gone the other way. Sometimes, you’ve got to make the call knowing that there are two sides. Jack can do that.Redstone and the Crystal Valley are crucial planning areas. Jack knows about and appreciates our historical and scenic part of the county and will be sincerely devoted to its preservation. He has my vote for county commissioner.Peter MartinRedstone

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