Johnnies on the spot |

Johnnies on the spot

Dear Editor:

We have the most compassionate community of people living in this town, and I would like to thank some of them for their caring attitude towards me.

A week ago I was leaving City Market and went to get the papers. There was a dog blocking my way so I carefully went around him and as far from him as I could get. But the dog felt threatened and attacked me.

I would like to thank the FedEx driver, Steve Higgs, who coaxed the dog away from me and then stayed to call the police and paramedics. He then went into the store and got paper towels to compress the bleeding on my leg. He never left my side and was truly an angel of mercy. The “flower man” at City Market was so kind when he brought some water to me, and wanted to anything he could to help. There was a very gracious woman there, whose name I did not get, who was insistent that she take me to Aspen Valley Hospital. She, too, never left me.

The paramedics and policeman who came could not have been more kind and truly had my best interest at heart.

At the hospital, Holly, my nurse, and Dr. Scott Gallagher were so helpful and did everything they could to get my mind off the incident and to take care of my leg.

This is such a warm-hearted community. I thank you from my heart for all you did for me on that bizarre day.

Nancy Taylor


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