John, you chose low wages |

John, you chose low wages

Dear Editor:

As I read your column (John Colson, “Poke that bully in the nose,” Sept. 4) today, I kept thinking about how I’m personally offended by so many of the articles you write. What bothers me more than your liberal philosophy each week is what appears to me to be self pity and distain for people like me.

First, me: I’m about your age, maybe a little older, and like you I got a good education. After that, I feel I have used mine to create “value.”

Over the years I have worked very hard (yes, businessmen do work hard) and been reasonably successful. I’m proud of all the endeavors I undertook and am especially proud of the opportunities I gave to other people who worked for me. Sure, I was a senior manager and often an owner, but the hundreds (maybe thousands?) of jobs I helped create gave others an opportunity to have a good life and support a family.

Did I make more money? I suspect I did, but people like you don’t value the risk I took and goods and services provided to the economy as a whole. Beyond me, I know several of the younger people I hired went on to be even more successful, both in income and the good they did. Frankly, that makes me very proud.

Now you; Time after time I’ve read your articles when you say things like you said this week. For example, “the rest of us slave away at menial wages for a meager life at their (the uber-wealthy, as you call them) beck and call.”

It appears to me you made some decisions early in life to follow a path you felt was best for you. You elected to live in a beautiful part of the country and not take the personal risks to build “value” and create jobs.

I’m not saying you are wrong about your decisions. In fact I admire your decision to live here and enjoy the pleasures of this area. What I don’t understand is your disdain for people who have not lived a life like yours and have worked hard to create a “good” life for others.

To say you have slaved way at menial wages is largely a decision you made. You elected to do what you did. You were not forced to follow your career path. You have not been a “slave.” I don’t know how much money you have made but as a young man, with a college degree, you probably could have pursued a career path that, with hard work, might have provided more than a menial wage.

The beauty of our free society is that you can choose your own path and I can choose mine. The sad part is that as one of my peers you chose to be disdainful toward me and the free enterprise system that has served our country well for more than 200 years.

I could go on about the value of a free economy, but what I have said, on a personal level, is really more important.

Bill Schaffer


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