John Denver Aspenglow Fund rounds out 2015 grants

Staff report

The John Denver Aspenglow Fund awarded $763,500 in grants in 2015 to boost its total giving to nonprofit organizations to $4 million over three years.

The Aspenglow Fund was created after the sale of the Windstar property for $8.5 million in April 2013. The Windstar Land Conservancy and Rocky Mountain Institute split the proceeds.

The land conservancy board decided to donate the funds to established causes rather than maintain the Windstar nonprofit founded by John Denver.

The organization awarded $1,957,220 in 2013 and $1,424,090 in 2014. An earlier article understated the amount awarded in 2015 because information wasn’t available.

The 2015 grants were:

Aspen TREE: $36,000

Children and Nature Network: $45,000

Huts for Vets: $45,000

Lucky Day Animal Rescue of Colorado: $45,000

River Center of New Castle: $4,500

Roaring Fork Conservancy, expansion of poet garden: $126,000

Roaring Fork Conservancy, watershed project: $54,000

Rock the Earth: $81,000

The Buddy Program: $27,000

Valley Settlement Project: $300,000


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