John Colson: Hit and Run |

John Colson: Hit and Run

John Colson
Aspen Times Weekly

Where will you be on Nov. 4, 2008?

That’s the upcoming election day across the U.S., as you undoubtedly know already.

So, where will you be?

Will you be living under a form of martial law declared by Pres. George W. Bush, as predicted by a Canadian named RussLBarth on YouTube a year ago?

Of course, ol’ Russ was a little off on the timing. He predicted we would live under some kind of state of emergency by Aug. 1, and while things are looking a little grim out there in the real world, the stormtroopers have not yet taken over the streets.

Not that it is beyond the realm of possibilities.

Maybe the ongoing Russian invasion of the former Soviet republic of Georgia will precipitate the seizure of state power in the U.S. by Bush and his cronies, who undoubtedly do not want to be thrown out with the bath water in November.

After all, it is being said that the president of Georgia, Mikhail Saakashvili, was acting on what he thought were clear signals from Sen. John McCain when he, Saakashvili, started poking at Russia’s military vanity a short time ago. There are those who feel that Saakashvili actually believed the McCain when the Arizona senator hinted that the U.S. would never let Russia march into Georgia.

Of course, if McCain were president today, we might very well have troops in the Caucasus, since he appears to be possessed by the same devils that drive Bush/Cheney. He seems to have no qualms about the idea of sending troops out to police the world, or about staying the course on a foreign-policy blunder that has mired our military in Iraq.

Leaving aside such fantasies, we are embarked on yet another strange quest for rationality in our presidential election circus, as a black superstar and an aging cold warrior battle for the top prize.

The dogs are already loose in this fight.

For example, Jerome R. Corsi, the man who kicked off the Swift Boat web of lies and propaganda that derailed the already crippled candidacy of Sen. John Kerry in 2004, has issued a new polemical broadside with his book, “Obama Nation.” He has touted this pack of half-truths and misleading “facts” on the right-wing blogs and skinhead, white-supremacist talk shows, which is where he belongs.

But the fact that his book has debuted as No. 1 on the book lists is somewhat scary, even though it only takes sales in the tens of thousands to put a book at the top of such lists.

The right-wing nutcases, of course, have been taking aim at the Barack Obama candidacy since it first got going. David Duke, erstwhile dean of the Ku Klux Klan and a steady presence in the bigot community, has predicted that an Obama presidency will trigger just the right kind of backlash. Presumably he means widespread violence from skinheads and white supremacists, which is what he has advocated for some time.

Is this the kind of thing we can expect from the McCain camp as the race grinds on? Hard to say, but unless he comes out and clearly repudiates Corsi and his ilk, it will speak volumes about McCain’s attitudes and proclivities.

Yes, without a doubt it will be an interesting time this fall, and the question at the beginning of this column takes on deeper, nastier meaning in this context.

So, where will you be on Nov. 4, and how will you cast your vote?

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