John Colson: Hit and Run |

John Colson: Hit and Run

John Colson
Aspen Times Weekly

Our addiction to celebrity politicians and political celebrities seems to be surviving well today, as Sarah Palin barnstorms the Midwestern centers of right-wing solidarity to sell her book, “Going Rogue,” and keep herself at center stage.

Some of the remarks reported by the media regarding why people are lining up for 12-hour waits at her book-signing events are rather startling, however.

For instance, there’s the woman who insisted that Palin would never have consented to President Obama’s bail-out of the Wall Street bankers that precipitated the current recession. Never mind that it was the Bush administration that initiated the bail-out, thereby sticking it to Obama in the waning days of The Shrub’s presidency and ensuring that the Bush cronies running the banks would rake in billions of taxpayer dollars in their inflated bonuses and golden parachutes.

Of course, in my eyes Obama hasn’t done a whole lot to cure the central ailments of our economy, and has persisted in relying on some of the very people who got us into this mess in the first place, but that’s a different matter.

Back to the Palin thing, I notice that Levi Johnson, father of the grandchild of the Queen of Soccer Moms, has been given a spread (all puns intended) in an upcoming Playgirl magazine.

Jeez. There’s not much I can say in response to that bit of news, except that it does nothing to dispel that sinking feeling in my gut about the future of the American experiment.

I also noticed that Nicole Wallace, an aide to Sen. John McCain during the 2008 presidential campaign, says that Palin’s attacks against Wallace in the book are either “rationalization, justification or fiction.” Even McCain himself has issued a statement denying Palin’s claim that the campaign billed her $50,000 in legal fees to pay for her “vetting” process. The $50,000 legal bill Palin was referring to, McCain said, was for the Troopergate ethics scandal against Palin while she was governor of Alaska.

Oops! She was confused.

There are other denials issuing from Wallace and others in the McCain camp, other instances of the “fabrications” behind Palin’s version of reality, such as the “two working gals” claims regarding the famous Katie Couric interview in which Palin was shown as the buffoon that she is. Palin now claims that Wallace “pushed” Palin into doing the interview as a favor for Wallace’s supposed friend, Couric, who was having “self-esteem” problems and wanted Palin to “like her [Couric, that is].” She claims it wasn’t supposed to be a real interview at all, just two working moms chatting in front of millions of television viewers and voters.

Wallace says that is all a pile of caribou dung. And, if you think about it, does that sound like the kind of reasoning one would expect from a hard-nosed political operative? Not to me, it doesn’t. Though, of course, I am no fan of Sarah the Barracuda, so maybe I’m letting my biases show.

This all strikes me as more than a little pathetic.

Here she’s penned a “tell-all” payback book, a diatribe against all the supposed slights and back-stabbing behavior she suffered during the campaign, but says she’d do it all again “in a minute.” Which makes her little more than a gold-digger.

She has made it abundantly clear that while running for president isn’t on her “radar screen,” she sure as hell wouldn’t turn it down. Why, according to one news post, she’d even run with Glenn Beck on her ticket!

She hasn’t learned any more about how the world works beyond the confines of the nutjob wing of the Republican party, and she obviously has no understanding about what it takes to run a state (witness her resignation before finishing her first term in Alaska), much less a nation or a world.

But despite all this, there are still millions – yes, millions! – of like-minded nitwits out there who feel no shame in saying she should be our next president.

There truly is no underestimating the ignorance of a large part of the American electorate, and that has me deeply worried. Whatever else, I’m damned sure not going to buy her book.

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