Jobs are a good thing |

Jobs are a good thing

Dear Editor:Why is “jobs” treated like a four-letter word in the Aspen Area Community Plan? The AACP has a section called “Lifelong Aspenite” – philosophically a great addition to the old plans – but the word “jobs” is completely absent. So I thought it must be in the “Economic Sustainability” section. Nope. “Jobs” does not show up once in the body of that section either. Why? Aren’t jobs important to those of us who have to pay mortgages or rent – those of us seeking quality of life? Aren’t jobs the most important element in being able to be a lifelong Aspenite? Without a job you have no home, and you certainly can’t be a lifelong Aspenite.The answer appears to be in where the word “jobs” is used – in the definition of “growth,” where it is shows up twice. I agree that growth for growth’s sake is not where we should be heading (growth should not be our industry), but does that mean the job/occupation issue should be ignored, or avoided? I don’t think so, and I call on the joint P&Zs to include something that suggests that they understand the need for jobs and quality occupations (also not used once) for those aspiring to be lifelong Aspenites.Why can’t we acknowledge the importance of jobs and our desire to see good, life sustaining jobs and/or occupations at every level practical in this community? Also, is it appropriate to reach out and work with (not dictate to) our downvalley neighbors in seeking a sustainable valley economy that isn’t just based on tourism? Jobs are important and they should be in the plan. Next P&Z session: 4:30 p.m., May 19.Scott WriterAspen

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