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Jimmy Hoffa is Ernest Borgnine

Dear Editor:Is there something in the air or water in Aspen, Pitkin County, and the Roaring Fork Valley that makes some people demented? Mindy and others on the Letters to the Editor page are convinced 9/11 was an inside job. United 93 never crashed and the people on that plane were either killed by U.S. agents or being held somewhere? The highjackers are alive and well living in the Middle East? The WTC (which was attacked the first time in 1993) was not taken down by crashing jets full of fuel into the buildings but rather by well placed explosives at the behest of “W?” The Pentagon was blown up even though parts of the plane were clearly visible after the attack? Maybe Barbara Olson spontaneously combusted?Ok, Elvis is alive and living in the mountains of Montana. JFK is lying in a coma in a hospital in Idaho. Jimmy Hoffa is actually Ernest Borgnine. NASA never put a man on the moon, it was Hollywood set. The Holocaust never happened. Hunter Thompson is alive and living in the small French farm house located behind Johhny Depp’s estate. The people trying to take down planes and kill Americans are blond hair, blue eyed Swedes?I would like to know what kind of drugs these people are on or have used in their life. I would love to go to that spot in their minds every now and then to escape reality myself.I’m sure Todd Beamer is happy living in exile away from his wife and kids so “W” could find some extra oil profit. Yep, oil is flowing like crazy out of Iraq and right into “W’s” pocket!I have to go. I have a date with Snow White tonight and the dwarfs are pissed off. James MorganSnowmass Village

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