Jet service not all it’s cracked up to be |

Jet service not all it’s cracked up to be

Dear Editor:While I suppose it’s good news that we still have an airline flying to Denver, the replacement jet service for United’s codeshare flights between here and DIA doesn’t sound like much of a solution (The Aspen Times, Jan. 27). Mr. Perry’s upbeat comments may serve to reassure the tourism industry, but those of us who count on United’s service for more than just a flight or two a year already know this is anything but a “huge day.”The Canadair jets carry 25 percent fewer passengers. Worse, someone has decided we need three-class service for a half-hour flight. Of the 66 seats on the new jets, just under half (32) will be economy-class seats. A whopping 34 seats are reserved for higher-fare customers. I can only hope these will be reserved on a demand-only basis, with the remaining seats reverting to economy. Even so, the loss of economy-priced seating will be felt immediately.United’s assertion that there “may” be more flights next summer simply can’t be counted on. As a company emerging from bankruptcy, they can ill afford to add unprofitable flights, and we can all figure out what happens when you reduce the number of seats on a plane: profits for that flight go down, or else you raise the fares to compensate. I doubt United will choose the former over the latter.I hope people like Bill Tomcich, Jim Elwood and those responsible for representing Aspen’s interests to the airlines will consider this new service a starting point rather than a mission accomplished. The Aspen market will not be well served by fewer seats and higher fares on a route that’s already one of the most expensive, mile for mile, anywhere.Mick McQuiltonAspen

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