Jerks abound in Aspen |

Jerks abound in Aspen

Dear Editor:

Some people are jerks. That is a fact of life. Whether they are motorists, cyclists, hikers, walkers, horse-people, skiers or boarders, locals or tourists, some people don’t think of anyone else. Some people were never taught to share, be polite, or take personal responsibility.

I’ve been a driver behind cyclists stretched four abreast across the road. I’ve been a cyclist (by myself) almost run off the road by motorists. I’ve walked the trails and roads and am always watching for motorists and cyclists coming at me. Part of the reason for their unawareness, however, may be the fact that many of these people in motion are plugged in and tuned out. So it’s not really their fault if they are on the phone or have music blaring in ear buds or car stereos and don’t hear someone come up from behind them. And truthfully, if you are in a group of hikers or cyclists, you cannot have a good conversation unless you are moving abreast of each other.

Being a jerk is not age related, or caused by religious or political ideology. For example, spend some time between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. on the West Hopkins bike-pedestrian way. As I walk to work, I’ve seen very expensive cars with ZG on their plates speed down the entire length heading most likely to Main Street Bakery. Or the environmental-feminist driver who, with the back of her 4Runner plastered with “take care of the planet”-themed stickers, roared through four blocks past three joggers, two cyclists and myself.

Some people are jerks. That’s really too bad. Because the rest of us have to deal with them, and being around a jerk can ruin your whole day.

Dan Brabec


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