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Jeremy speaks

Dear Editor:

I see that my good old friend Bruce N. or Bruce C. Berger has in a recent letter brought me into his identity issue. When in the era of Bil Dunaway I began writing letters to the Times it was inconceivable to me that there could be another Jeremy Bernstein in Aspen. I only learned this when a dry cleaner, which I think was called the Cowboy Dry Cleaners, informed me that they had given my pants to a “younger man.”

Over the years I have tried in letters to distinguish myself from the “other” Jeremy Bernstein by signing Jeremy Bernstein, Ph.D., but at some point the editors of the Times decided that this was unnecessary. I think that they came to the conclusion that the generally cranky nature of my letters would identify the author sufficiently. I also try to make my letters somewhat funny so that I can be more readily identified. I hope that Bruce, however he signs them, will continue writing letters.

Jeremy Bernstein


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