The year begins with a hot and sexy time for all with deep passion and lots of play. Happy Nude Year!

For three weeks you will be concerned with creating workable structures to accommodate the changes you are going through.

For three months you’ll be having expansion of our dreams and visions – enhancing your creativity, taking you further into your uniqueness and freedom to be your best on your spiritual path, and going through great growth leaps that remake you and your life!

For a month from the 8th you will need to spread your wings to find value through higher knowledge. Its a great time for personal growth work: have an astrology or palm reading, read some personal awareness books.

For two weeks from the 15th you will be forced to restructure your thinking which needs updating – it is holding you back because it is from the past, from family and society. Now figure out more of YOUR truth!

For two weeks from the 22nd you’ll have deep and profound connection with your heart, and with the lack of love you had growing up. That gives you the opportunity to heal that pain. How? See and feel it, release it through crying or yelling, and get clear at deeper levels what your heart needs. A great time to hang out with older people who have a clue and a bit of wisdom, for they will provide some of the value and acceptance you missed out on. Get more wild and free. You will have much expansion of your heart and loving. Sweet!


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