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Jack walks the talk

Dear Editor:On June 7, part 2 of this year’s quest for council will come to an end.In my opinion, for candidate Dee Malone, it couldn’t come too soon. The question most asked of me is: “Do you need a thick skin to do your TV show?” My current response: “Ask Dee Malone.” If she thinks the campaign trail is rough, wait until she experiences the wrath of the electorate.As the story goes, Bert “the all-powerful” and his constituency wanted to replace Terry Paulson, their guy, with someone of the same mindset. So, they talked Dee into running. Hey, Dee, ask Bert for a refund – you deserve it.The media picked on her car, an SUV. To get rid of it, she totaled it one Sunday morning on Main Street. Hey, Dee, you could have just sold it.Now Jack Johnson, her opponent, came into the sights of sharpshooter, Bert. Hey, Bert, the architect thing – weak! After all, Dee barely lives here. So, who to vote for? I’m going to vote for Jack. Why? Because he is a better candidate. Let me say that again – a better candidate. Although Jack hasn’t been in town long, he has gotten involved, serving on boards and volunteering. I had never heard of, or seen Dee Malone at any meeting since I have been here.City Council needs candidates who understand the issues, are willing to do the work, and then drive the vote to reach a conclusion. Dee is a nice person, but obviously, not a very good driver. Vote for Jack; he walks. He will walk the talk.Andrew KoleAspen