Jack is No. 1

Dear Editor:

As both residents and second-home owners, we write to ask the citizens of Aspen to cast their “number one” vote for Jack Johnson for City Council.

By way of background, our family bought property in Aspen in the 1940s. For four or more decades, we enjoyed Aspen as tourists and “second-home owners.” And then, in the 1990s, some of us made Aspen our year-round home. As a family, we now are a hybrid of full- and part-time Aspenites, but we were all drawn to Aspen for the same reasons: the colorful locals and close-knit community, the extensive recreational opportunities, the jaw-dropping scenery, the cultural opportunities that rival major cities; and, all of these things within a small town that knew that its charm and allure was dependent upon careful and deliberate land-use planning and regulation.

We support Jack Johnson ” a colorful local in his own right ” precisely because he is the very kind of person that drew us to Aspen. And we know that he has the intellect and personal fortitude to ensure that the qualities that make Aspen unique and great will be preserved despite the unrelenting pressure of speculative real estate development.

Jack gets the importance of planning, he understands community character, and he is a character with a refreshing wit and sharp intellect. Please vote for Aspen, vote for Jack.

Chip Chilson

Ben Larsen

Marcella Larsen (Chilson)

Wendy Urschel Larsen

Bob Long

Aspen and Boca Raton, Fla.