Ittner walks the talk |

Ittner walks the talk

Dear Editor:

Concerning Rob Ittner. As one of Aspen’s old “ass-hole” landlords (Tony, we know who we are) and ex-stand-up comic for Laugh Your Aspen Off, I feel uniquely qualified to comment on Rob Ittner.

Rob, along with his aristocratic partner, Charles Dale, were tenants of mine for 10 years. It was always obvious to me that Rob knew who the boss was, the customer.

Making the transition to county commissioner he will quickly recognize who the boss is, the voter. We had some tough discussions over the years but always worked things out. I continued to be impressed with Rob’s finical management. So Rob has been bitten by the political gene, go figure.

We are lucky for it; in addition he has never been a community organizer and even walks his bike on the mall.

Bill Seguin


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