Ittner, Johnson & Secretariat |

Ittner, Johnson & Secretariat

Dear Editor:I just walked out of the movie “Secretariat” when our local election for county commissioner popped into my mind.No doubt Secretariat was by far the greatest racehorse of all time, and while neither Ittner nor Johnson can make that claim as a candidate, if you think about their race to date, an analogy to Secretariat can be made.Jack came out of the gate strong, backed by Richards, Larsen and O’Leary. While Rob, like Secretariat, was slow out of the gate. By the first pole he was running strong. Along the backstretch, Secretariat went into another gear, and in the final leg of the Triple Crown, the Belmont, he took off and crushed his opponent by 31 lengths.I am not saying Rob will crush Jack, but I did predict Rob would win only days after the primary. Why? Because the voters who backed Tommy Clapper and Brian Speck were more inclined to vote for Rob – the result, in my opinion, a victory with more than 55 percent of the vote.The “Jack” campaign effort to make this election about Rob supporters Elizabeth Milias and Marilyn Marks was a desperate attempt to mask his poor manners when he served on City Council. Jack’s history of demeaning people is why I predicted after the primary Jack would lose – he just insulted too many people the last time around.In a recent letter, Commissioner Richards said she was backing Jack after listening to the campaign. Really? I think that might be a bit off. Rachel has been backing Jack since he lost the City Council race more than a year ago.Which brings me back to the fact that Rob is the candidate, as is Jack – not Milias, Marks, Richards or O’Leary. The effort in Jack’s camp to try and sway your vote because Rob is supported by M & M is simply insulting to all his other supporters – and there are a lot of them.The very damaging website “low-lighting” Jack’s previous term in office is a product, I am sorry to say, of what was actually said – it is not spin. Personally, I always got a kick out of Jack – he made for great TV. But, since I am out of the TV game, I think I’ll vote for Rob.Hopefully that won’t cost him any votes.Andrew KoleAspen

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