Ittner a proven candidate |

Ittner a proven candidate

Dear Editor:

One of the most rewarding reasons to live in small communities is the ability to know our future leaders. We see the candidates in various situations: on the ball field, in their job, contributing to our towns. We see how they get along with others, whether they respect and listen to folks who hold opposing views.

In our small valleys it’s not just talk. They submit their name to us already publicly tested in relationships, work and play. We know them. So the criterion jumps way past voting for friends or “good guys.” We can choose based on knowledge of their character and real deeds.

Pitkin County is one of the four big economic engines in our county. It matters who our commissioners are. Especially now.

Personally, I’m looking for leadership in constraining taxes while maintaining roads, social services, employee housing, open space and trails. An overwhelming list; so who we choose matters. Rob Ittner is the solid, thoughtful, proven candidate.

Michael Behrendt


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