It’s your trolley |

It’s your trolley

One restored trolley has arrived on Galena Street and Rubey Park. Please go visit this delicious, heart-warming form of transportation.

What most Americans don’t know is these conveyances that once were in every city and town across America were purposely destroyed. 60 Minutes did a documentary on this subject a number of years ago.

Ever hear of corporate greed and corruption? Enron and Worldcom are not new events. Standard Oil, Firestone Tires and General Motors colluded to quietly buy up trolley systems all across the country and scrap them.

They were finally caught by Congress and fined an onerous $5,000 each. This trio did something similar to commuter trains. The consequences to our health, environment and pocketbook are beyond calculation.

Trolleys are not a cute Disneyland event or something that disappeared from the landscape because they were no longer efficient. Some 23 cities and towns across the country have now installed systems; more are in the wings.

Lucky Aspen owns six of the most charming trolleys; other cities are asking to have them. Lucky Aspen has a group of dedicated individuals that will privately fund and gift a trolley system to Aspen.

Why trolleys in Aspen? They actually “entice” people to use them because they are charming and efficient. Because of this, they actually reduce traffic congestion, noise and pollution.

Trolleys are in scale with Aspen. Authentic trolleys are “in character” with Aspen. Trolleys will be battery-run with no wires.

Elsewhere trolley systems have already demonstrated that ridership goes up, tourism improves, business economics improve. City cores have been revitalized where trolleys are part of planning.

Does this interest Aspen? Please visit the Web site: Please visit your trolley. It belongs to you.

Camilla Sparlin


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