It’s what you asked for |

It’s what you asked for

Dear Editor:In reading some of the reactions to Monday night’s City Council vote to reject the Lodge at Aspen Mountain, I have the impression that some people have forgotten the recent history. The previous City Council was poised for a vote on the then-version of the proposal. In the course of the discussion three of the council members said they would vote against it – DeVilbiss, Johnson and Torre. The applicants were then given the opportunity to request a postponement until there was a new council. This is what happened and the applicants came in with a modified proposal. Johnson and DeVilbiss voted against and Ireland replaced Torre. So to claim that Ireland’s election as mayor made the difference is nonsense.In a gesture of misplaced generosity the council has agreed to consider putting this on a referendum which it has the power to do. But to exercise this power would set a terrible precedent. Every disgruntled applicant would ask the Council to add their claim to the ballot. If you don’t like how the council votes, elect another City Council. The applicant has every right to petition the citizens of Aspen to put this matter to a vote. I personally hope that if they go this route, the citizens will have the good sense to reject this chimera once and for all.Jeremy Bernstein, Ph.D.Aspen


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