It’s tough now for Bush haters |

It’s tough now for Bush haters

To take liberties with FDR’s statement: “December 13, 2003 ” A date that will live in ecstasy in Iraq’s history.”

With Saturday’s capture of Saddam Hussein, alive, President George W. Bush haters will have to work overtime, lie even more vociferously and spin even longer and harder to make themselves heard.

Here in Aspen, we have our own “Bush Haters,” well represented in The Aspen Times by weekly columnists Molly Ivins and Ted Rall, as well as a number of letter writers all bent on keeping us abreast of the hatred.

First, Ted Rall, “a columnist and cartoonist” states: “George W. Bush, a simian-faced draft dodger,” “rich kid (who) deserted. This coward snorted coke and drove drunk while other kids died.” “True, Democrats loathe Dubya?” “He’s willfully ignorant.” “But even that doesn’t explain why we hate him so much. Bush is guilty of a single irredeemable act so heinous” “[he] stole the presidency.” “Bush isn’t president, his fake presidency is treasonous.”

“As I wrote in December 2000, ‘George W. Bush is not the president of the United States of America.'” “And that is why we hate him.”

Second, Molly Ivins, Aspen Times “Can She Say That?”

Mike Rosen, in his column, “Good golly, Miss Molly!” quotes “The raging, foaming at-the-mouth, pathological, Bush-hating, radical left has apparently been driven to utter desperation.” “Here’s the proof: Molly Ivins has endorsed Howard Dean.” “Molly Ivins is a far-left populist, anti-capitalist, anti-business, anti-military, feminist, nannyist demagogue.”

A letter writer last summer even had an “Honor Roll” of local anti-administration writers and columnists, but did not claim they were all “Bush Haters” or Saddam Hussein sympathizers, for that matter.

Guess whose name was prominent amongst them? We obviously have our fair share, or more, of “Bush Bashers” and “Bush Haters,” but what are they going to say now that Saddam Hussein is in custody? Answer: “Fine, but what about Osama bin Laden?”

Peter Nicklin


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