It’s time Aspen took a look at itself

Dear Editor:

Over the decades, Aspen has had a significant suicide problem concerning those still in Aspen and those who left Aspen.

An intelligent person would ask: Is Aspen a sick society breeding mental illness, alcohol and drug addiction, dysfunctional personalities, abnormal psychology, stunted self-improvement, moral conflicts and skewed reality perceptions?

Another question an intelligent person would ask: How does a person keep a healthy mind and personality while living in Aspen, especially for long, extended time periods?

Then there is the intelligent question to ask: How has the Aspen culture, politics and social dynamic contributed to the suicide problem and other degenerative societal problems that are systemic?

Surely, an intelligent person recognizes that the psychiatrists, psychologists and other mental health-industry professionals in Aspen and Pitkin County are part of a broken and failed society.

The local justice system is overwhelmed up to the sky with insanity flooding through its courtrooms that judges must deal with.

The only solution for being around many sick people is to keep your wits about yourself, so you won’t be infected, caught up or destroyed. This includes when you walk through a hospital, too.

Strive to keep your mind sound. Be vigilant. Be a rugged individualist. They are your best defenses against contagion or self-destruction.

I am certain Aspen Police Officer Roderick O’Connor can recommend some worthwhile self-improvement books to read for those who care about themselves and their future.

Enough said.

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, Calif., and Aspen


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