It’s the wrong project, in the wrong place |

It’s the wrong project, in the wrong place

Dear Editor:

I am disturbed by the lack of regard given to my elected representatives; those of you who do speak for people like me, who want to see something left of Aspen’s core.

How dare ACRA claim to want more political clout ” they are not a political base (“ACRA moves to step up its political clout,” Sept. 5). We spent seven hours at the meeting to vote down the lodge at 1A. ACRA does not represent me. They only want more and more. I want to see “the wealth of selection, not of endless accumulation,” to paraphrase a great writer.

I think the entire South Aspen Street set of proposals is the wrong prospect. Why? Because it is too big and too wrong architecturally. No more fractional ownership is needed here! Not one more unit.

1A should not be given another shot. Sarpa had four years to get it right: a small, elegant hotel, with a gradation of room prices, high-end to somewhat moderate and they said, “We can’t and we won’t.” Why does he get to go on and on?

Anyhow, we would like to see this historic and great street live with something major of itself left. If anything is needed to revitalize the area, again a small elegant hotel, this cannot just be a reworked model of the wrong, too big plan.

I do not want the already hard to get to 1A chair moved further up the hill: This serves no purpose for me, an avid 1A skier. I do not want the landscape of 1A destroyed, revitalized perhaps, but not altered irredeemably.

Phyllis J. Bronson