It’s the stoplights, stupid |

It’s the stoplights, stupid

Dear Editor:

Once again, I must write a letter to you, to Mayor Mick Ireland and to Jeffrey Evans, none of whom seem to realize that our Entrance to Aspen problem could be solved by eliminating the stoplights at Cemetery Lane, the Golf Course, Buttermilk Ski Area and the entrance to Burlingame low-cost houses.

We can keep the S-curves, but build an underpass, or an overpass and eliminate those four stoplights and, I assure you, traffic will move steadily, not fast, but at least without constant stops and sitting in incessant, insane gridlock traffic.

I have written Mick Ireland on this subject, and I have talked to Jeffrey Evans, and no one seems to realize that the cheapest solution is to eliminate the stoplights. Mayor Helen Klanderud refused to believe me when I criticized her for building the raised viaduct from Cemetery Lane down to the Slaughterhouse Bridge, which no one uses, except for a few hikers. Bikers stay on the county road, thank you! And what did that viaduct cost?

If corrections to the four-lane entrance are projected to take from four to six years with millions spent just for analytical hog-wash, then Aspen is doomed to fail. Please, Mick Ireland and Jeffrey Evans, consider my proposal. Keep the S-curves, but get rid of the four stoplights!

I am in the process of moving to Crested Butte, thank you, where there are no stoplights!

Mead Metcalf



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