Its the presidency, not a beauty pageant |

Its the presidency, not a beauty pageant

Dear Editor:Political polls are showing that Americans are now more inclined to vote personality rather than issues. Though the Obama-Biden ticket is more widely supported for its stance on international affairs, education, homeland security, abortion rights and economic prowess, the Republicans are looking at winning the election based on the congeniality of McCain-Palin.Arent we smarter than that? This isnt a beauty pageant! Cant we, as people and citizens, see beyond that? After eight long years of disaster on every front of government, from international disdain to the failure of No Child Left Behind, from the worst economic crisis since The Depression Era to a failed abstinence-only campaign, can we truly afford more of the same? The next president most likely will place two new judges on the Supreme Court. A Republican ticket will overturn Roe v. Wade, so that even though Palins daughter is being allowed to choose (the governors words), future victims of rape, incest and unwanted pregnancies will not. Under McCain, government will continue to be privatized, so that contractors like Halliburton will gain extreme wealth, and our armies, national parks and schools will be handed over to profit mongers. With Republicans in charge, the voucher system will take full control, and public education will dwindle farther down the road in financial priority, perhaps destroying it for good. In a world where we as a nation fall far behind in science and math, our children will be taught creationism as a viable explanation for our existence on the planet, denying generations of research in the fields of physics, chemistry and biology. There will be no more separation of church and state … a clear violation of our Constitution.In one of the most widespread of the misleading claims under McCain, the tax cuts are a massive ruse. A side-by-side comparison of Obamas and McCains tax proposals show Obamas cuts to be larger, ending in a tax of $116,000 on those making more than $650,000 per year, while McCain gives those same constituents a tax break of $45,000 per year. By diminishing the middle class, we will create more working poor than ever before in the history of our country.The buzz has been about Palin energizing the base, and it has distracted our citizens from the issues at hand. If you want to truly understand Palins experience, go to: www. think about our childrens children, and vote your conscience.Denise MossCarbondale

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