It’s still a good party |

It’s still a good party

Dear Editor:On behalf of all the weekly attendees on “Husky Hill” at the free concerts at Fanny Hill every week, I would like to sincerely thank the two Snowmass cops who visited us last night to explain the new rules of the game this summer.These two guys were courteous, respectful and communicative. They invited feedback from us, and even when the conversation entered into supposed legalities of the new open liquor law enforcement, were professional and a credit to the force. We agreed that N.A. beer was an easy option for anyone who needs to drink a few suds on the Hill, whilst watching the sunset, listening to free live music.The dog-pack was well-behaved, and WAR played some old classics that got everyone smiling. I hope the Anderson Arts Ranch spends the money they receive, courtesy of the new beer vending revenues inside the fence, wisely.Thanks to Merc and Arnie Mordkin for helping find a way to keep this fabulous institution a reality.Martin T. SuthrenAspen/Todos Santos, Baja California

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