It’s our money |

It’s our money

Editor’s note: This letter was originally addressed to President Bush and “the government.”Dear Editor:We, the citizens of the United States of America (which is a sovereign nation ruled by us), must devise a plan whereby each of us, without exception, would receive one thousand dollars ($1,000) per month income regardless of age; this tax free money is to be owned by the individual U.S. citizen, not be counted as part of any other government program, nor shall it be taken from the U.S. citizen for any reason.Following are Five Advantages to this program:1. Everyone would have a nice warm place to stay; no more homeless persons. 2. Lower the recidivism rate for prisons. Many persons who have been released from prison commit crimes in order to go back to prison because they can’t find employment out here. At least with my plan they would have money to get themselves started and to sustain themselves upon release.3. No more hopeless American families that are killing each other or committing suicide because they can’t sustain themselves.4. No more senior citizens worrying about their Social Security checks.5. No more young teenage U.S. citizens that have run away from home having to sell their bodies in order to live.The U.S. citizen who doesn’t need the money may pass it on to another U.S. citizen (tax free).Eloise IlgenCarbondale


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