It’s not yours to keep |

It’s not yours to keep

Dear Editor:

To the person(s) who burglarized my home: You might think that you have gotten away with it. It has been three weeks, after all. But I want to let you know that we’re on your scent. The police and detectives are doing their job.

Although the Basalt/Riverside Drive burglary ironically took place on the same day, which seemed like a fairly decent smokescreen, I’d like you to know that we know that you are out there.

I am offering you an opportunity to redeem yourself and to attempt to rectify/atone. Clearly, you had a modicum of conscience. This is what I would like you to think about: These things that you kicked in my door and ransacked my home to steal from me were my treasures that I collected from a lifetime of travels. They were my memories, my jewelry. They were things that I valued dear to me.

They were my family heirlooms and jewelry that belonged to my deceased, beloved big sister and pieces my precious grandmother wore. There is absolutely no monetary value on the street, but they were priceless to me.

Great loves of my life adorned me with tokens of love. They were my loves, not yours. While you might have done what you did out of envy or fear or just feeling entitled or opportunity, it was wrong, and somewhere inside of you, you know that.

I give you an opportunity to return my things to me. Put them in my mailbox at the end of my drive, and we will consider what you did as temporary insanity.

I have, overall, returned to my sense of safety – peace is returning in my little sanctuary on the river. I refuse to allow your utter unconsciousness and your broken spirit/heart to continue to affect me and my chosen lifestyle. But now that fear has been replaced with rage, and I am pissed!

I would not suggest that anyone enter this drive; with my fiery Irish temper and raging hormones, they would have better odds wrestling a grizzly bear.

There are leads in your direction and great evidence that you left behind. I am offering you a narrow window to return to me my things. Do it! For this community (whether they are aware of this robbery or not) will support me. I know that karma (what you do/put out in the world, returns to you hundredfold) will even the score. The pain that you inflicted will return to you in ways that you can not fathom.

In which case, I will pray for you.

To the pawn shops or consignment store or the girlfriend that might receive gifts of silver, turquoise, diamond bangles, turquoise belts, John Hardy, Tibetan and Indian pieces, sterling rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and wonder, “How could he afford this?” He didn’t. He stole them from a hardworking, goodhearted person who does good things in this valley and who did not deserve this. Call the police at 970-328-8500.

Hillary K. Maley



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