It’s not too late |

It’s not too late

Property rights versus conservation are the hot topics in our valley – and nationwide, even worldwide – today. Many of us who grew up after World War II were infected with the “Get Rich Quick Development Bug” without the least consciousness of preservation or conservation.

The needs for commercial and residential were overwhelming. “More, any kind of more, was better” was the motto.

Responsible stewardship was just in the Bible and spouted by strange oddballs. Now, many of us old fools see the error of our ways. Is it too late to become responsible stewards? It is not.

Conservation can be carried to the extreme, as can lack of growth control. However, good stewardship embellishes the best of both.

One only has to drive less than 40 miles down Highway 82 to see mistakes in planning and zoning.

Taylor Gamblin

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