It’s not the same tavern |

It’s not the same tavern

Dear Editor:

In response to the article, “No Worries about the Woody Creek Tavern,” (Sept. 20): Anyone who ever felt like the tavern was their family should be worried.

It is no longer the family we all felt a part of … thick or thin … rich or poor … in sickness or in health. Our community has been greatly affected by this transition.

I had hoped that the tavern was being saved by the current ownership/

management. I wanted to believe that they were telling the truth, that “nothing would change.” Of course, things had to change because the heart and soul of the place had been replaced.

Shep and Mary Harris are the most benevolent people I have ever met. This establishment was not your typical restaurant business.

This institution was an extended family, a community, a shelter for the lost, the wounded, the lonely, the rejected, the single mother, you name it. It was a sanctuary for all of us. If we had something to rejoice in … we found rejoicers. If we were mourning a loss … we found comforters! If we were sick or suffering in anyway, we found help and support.

Yes, we were dysfunctional … who isn’t … but what we experienced is legendary … there will never be another place like it. Those of us who were a part of that legend know … that it will never be the same. They all feel fortunate to have been a part of this special place for a special time. It will live on in our hearts and memories until we leave this earth.

I am saddened by what is taking place … but I will give my all in making its memory live on.

I want to thank all the patrons who made it family, and especially to George and Patti Stranahan and Shep and Mary Harris, who demonstrated what true benevolence and unconditional love really is.

The tavern was a home for all of us who ever needed a second and third chance in life. I am so grateful to have been a part of it the 22 years I was privileged to work there and call it home.

Cheryl Frymire

Trout Run, Pa.