It’s not that simple |

It’s not that simple

Dear Editor:Well, Sue Gray, you are right again but have stirred up a hornet’s nest … if the matter were as simple as everyone suggests, it would be solved. The facts are that the British were given the mandate by the League of Nations after World War I in order to create an independent Palestinian state. Somewhere along the line, the British gave Zionists the notion that they could also have an independent state. At that time, there were very few Jews living in Palestine.Over the course of 30 years Zionist immigrated to Palestine and vastly increased their numbers. Through the use of terrorism – yes, the bombing of the King David Hotel in 1948 was an act of terrorism – and political intrigue, they were able to persuade key members if the new United Nations to partition Palestine between Jewish immigrants and Arab residents. There was tremendous support from the United States because of the Holocaust. In 1948 when the British left, the Jewish immigrants went to war against the Arabs to secure the state of Israel.In 1967, the Arabs did not attack Israel, although they threatened; it was Israel who attacked the Arabs in a pre-emptive strike. They were very successful and secured the borders has they have existed since with the exception of the Sinai, which they gave back to Egypt in the peace treaty. The destruction of the Arab armies may have led to the feelings of low self-esteem that has fomented Islamic fundamentalism.As it stands today, the area known as Palestine and Israel should really be one country. It is a similar situation to South Africa during apartheid. The Palestinians need to be granted their right to return to their homes and lands, and free elections are needed to form a truly representative government with both Jewish and Palestinians participating. Both are Semitic peoples divided only by their religions. Government by religion does not work.Robert PewWoody Creek

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