It’s not really that bad |

It’s not really that bad

Dear Editor:Hey guys, watch your journalistic attitude. We live on Red Mountain and use the hill on a regular basis (“Entrance to Red Mountain has motorists hitting their brakes,” July 20). Your front page reporting was almost as bad as that of the misanthrope to whom you gave so much ink.Of course it causes inconvenience to upgrade an old, out-dated, heavily used, steep and, I might add, dangerous road. We are impressed with the skill and courtesy exhibited by Aspen Earthmovers in tackling the task. Clearly, some of the very few attendees of the neighborhood meeting last Thursday evening share our views. Why then did you make us find the positive feedback buried in the second page of the report and give front page and large headline to the grouch? We would like to say that we have watched the job since we arrived in early June and applaud the job being done in hot dusty and cold rainy weather, while those of us “inconvenienced” have to sit in our climate controlled cars a few minutes each time we wait to stop their work.Marion and Don WeissAspen