It’s not over yet |

It’s not over yet

Dear Editor:

I am not sure who is more eager to see the chapter closed on the city of Aspen’s Recreation Center’s voter approved outdoor swimming pool, The Aspen Times or myself. Aspen Times Reporter Carolyn Sackariason, in her eagerness to speed things up a bit, “jumped the starting gun” on reporting that Aspen City Council had approved a final design concept for the new outside swimming pool at the ARC.

Aspen City Council wisely decided that a flow rider (great training for snowboarders, skiers and skateboarders) is not the best choice for the small outside grassy area in front of the aquatics center. I personally feel a flow rider would be a great asset to both Aspen and Snowmass, as well as the entire Roaring Fork Valley. What a COOL way to train for your sport! Crown Mountain District maybe?

Aspen City Council is giving this very important community asset much thought. The council is awaiting more information before selecting a design/concept.

Toni Kronberg