It’s not karma, it’s backlash |

It’s not karma, it’s backlash

Dear Editor:Both Mike Mason and Jack Steele have it wrong regarding what is karma (Letters to the editor, Nov. 18 and 25). Karma is anything that brings one back to a state of equilibrium (to speak with a Western tongue) and harmony. It is the yin to your yang or the yang to your yin, depending on which direction you court disharmony.There is a grain of truth in Mr. Steele’s premise that even America would be better off if someone nuked Washington D.C., but what a harsh way to deal with an employment problem. Good help is hard to find and in politics it’s darn near impossible, because it is the one service industry job we won’t let illegal immigrants do. So, don’t expect integrity or responsibility for one’s community to show up any time soon. Washington has been scrapping the bottom of the barrow for several decades, and any new-hire lawmaker quickly sinks to the level of the competition. Still, this would only be karma if it causes as much chaos as it would good.The word these men mean is backlash. Rwanda and Darfur are still the backlash of the exploitations begun with Cecil Rhodes, where westerners propped up ruthless dictators under the guise of democracy; so why, now, should we expect to think Democracy is something else? Especially when we wait not to condemn their actions until there are at least a 100,000 corpses. We should be able to see the backlash will be a million more dead, for they are only practicing democracy as it was taught to them, and we certainly act little different: Almost daily bombing Iraq during 11 years of supposed peace, under sanctions.Cambodia’s killing fields are the backlash from the power vacuum left after our defeat in Vietnam. We should remain cognizant in Iraq, and thereby make sure both Syria and Iran are partners in any diplomacy concerning regional stability.The World Trade Center is the backlash of the Saudi needing our military presence in country, to keep them in power above the wishes of the majority of their own peoples and the unmentioned fact that these were once our terrorist. Fighting the evil Soviets in Afghanistan. Something the neocons certainty didn’t cause, but unequivocally exploited to keep their thumb on Iraq oil (and oh yes, Saddam) when sanctions were due to end.The quagmire we are now in is the backlash of the neocons trying to implement a strategy to take out Iraq, Syria and Iran as if it weren’t pure delusion. Something the Israelis confirmed, saying, “You’re mad!” when the neocons wanted them to carry it out, back in the ’90s.Since, carnage has been our imbalance. Our karma is a whole world of love and understanding. For only by these things shall we find balance enough not to stumble ahead towards our own demise.Eric OlanderNew Castle

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