It’s not Goldie’s fault |

It’s not Goldie’s fault

Dear Editor:

This is the first time I have been compelled to write a letter to the editor. Trust me, I have read many letters that probably warranted a response more than this one. I am referencing Nancy from Sarasota and her contention that “people like Goldie Hawn have ruined Aspen” (Jan. 4). She is sorely mistaken, and way off base.

People like Ms. Hawn and Mr. Russell actually have made our community better. They live here just like the rest of us and contribute, whether philanthropically or just in personality. Perhaps peole like Mariah Carey and Denise Rich “have ruined Aspen,” but certainly not Goldie and Kurt. So to them, I apologize for the harrassment and hope they do stick around.

Lee Bryant


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