It’s not easy being an official |

It’s not easy being an official

Dear Editor:I’d like to start out by saying that as a dedicated athlete, fan and former referee, I’ve experienced both sides of the coin when it comes to sports officiating and disagreements with the officials. Additionally, I know all the time, energy and dedication that goes into officiating a game of any type, and I thank all the officials who set aside time and energy to keep games under control; your effort is greatly appreciated!Having said that, the fuss that is being created about Mayor Duroux and thus, Basalt fans, is ridiculous. Our fans are no different than any other school’s. If anything, we are more strictly regulated than any other school in the district and know what and what not to cheer, do or say to other fans. As for Mayor Duroux’s “hand gesture,” it was three fingers signaling what should have been a three-second call and in no way deserved an ejection. Whether or not he is the mayor, he is human and does have feelings and a passion for sports, and his support is greatly appreciated by all Basalt athletes, as he rarely misses a game.I congratulate Ted Lupe for his statement that referees “have become too thin-skinned.” I invite those that are “threatened” or “intimidated” by Basalt’s fans to drive down to Denver and officiate a 5A game where real obscenities are, in fact, yelled at officials, players and coaches. Or, take a trip to other parts of the world where officials are literally chased off the field/court with guns and other weapons. In no way do Basalt’s fans even compare to this intimidation or get even close to using tactics such as these.Once again, I thank all officials for your hard work and time, but realize that disagreements are going to come no matter how “fairly” a game is called. Realize this, and in doing so, re-judge Basalt’s fans and notice they aren’t what you’re making them out to be.Katie StaerkelBasalt

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