It’s not an easy win |

It’s not an easy win

Dear Editor:Well, the results are in: The Democrats take House and Senate in a landslide! If you have been watching the news channels and buy into it, that’s exactly what will happen. Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. We need to get out there and vote in order for that headline to come to fruition. There’s no time to be apathetic now, folks! I guarantee you that the Republicans and their followers are not keeling over and assuming this election has already come to a conclusion.Think of this scenario, if you will. The Dems and Dem voters begin celebrating their victory and rest on their laurels, while the Republicans are out there beating the pavement, shaking hands, kissing babies and motivating their voter base to turn out en masse. The Democrats consider the issue forgone – we won. Come Nov. 3, the headlines read: Republicans Sweep the Polls, Take More Seats Than They Already Had.This could very well be the headline if you don’t get out and VOTE! It has been my view in all the years past that Democrats, liberal thinkers and folks that just despise Bush are apathetic. They don’t vote. They bitch and complain about everything but don’t do anything about it. Or, they (we) will vote our true conscience and vote for some obscure candidate. This is not a time to do that if you care about the future. If you care about your children, grandchildren, the planet: VOTE! We all know simply by who is the president right now that the right-wing group votes and apparently votes early and often.Let’s consider this election day to be a “dry run,” a practice for the election in 2008. Training for the marathon. This election means very much to the future of our country. It is not a meaningless election. Celebrate Nov. 7 just like it were the Fourth of July! Mark your calendar, plan a party or a dinner. Call all your friends and remind them of the day. Our future depends on it.If we all get out and vote, the headlines just might read: Democrats Sweep House and Senate in a Landslide Victory! It may not be the best possibility, but it is the best we can achieve right now. Remember the story of the rabbit and the hare? That could be the exact conclusion here if we don’t vote. You know all this talk of the Dems taking over has got the right-wingers all stirred up, and they are most definitely going to vote. If we kick back on our laurels thinking it is in the bag, we will be screwed for another ‘X’ amount of years. It sure would be nice to see 75 percent or better of the registered voters get to the polls this election – instead of 35 percent. We can do better than that. Please, get out there and do your part – VOTE!Daniel MacEncletusGlenwood Springs

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