It’s not about race |

It’s not about race

Dear Editor:

Last week Mr. Chris Tessem wrote a vitriolic rebuttal letter to my commentary on change (Nov. 7). Obviously he missed the point. My observation was about a political candidate who, during his campaign, routinely changed his persona to suit his purpose. Whether a person is black, Asian, Martian or whatever ” I think anyone can appreciate a leader who says what he means and means what he says.

As co-founder of an Aspen-based charity supporting African projects and programs for the past 20 years, I have a great respect for many great black leaders in this world ” some whom I have met and am happy to support, and from whom others gain inspiration.

This issue is not about race, Mr. Tessem. It is about choosing a leader who will lead this country through tremendously perilous times, and truly hope to speak for everyone in it, not just those who put him in office. And it is about a media that won’t take the issues and present them in a biased one-sided fashion. It is about a country that can look beyond a person’s skin color and have confidence in their integrity. It is about a nation that respects opportunity for all, based on reward for hard work ” not handouts.

Now that all is said and done, Mr. Obama is to be congratulated for his historic ascension to the presidency. For the sake of the good of the country we all wish him Godspeed and the wisdom to navigate through unprecedented obstacles. History will write his story. If in four years he has not delivered the kind of CHANGE that America has endorsed, then it will be reflected in the next election. That is the American way.

Scarlett Adams

Snowmass Village

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