It’s my money |

It’s my money

Dear Editor:It has been stated that we voters in November will have the right to accept or deny our state legislators to withhold our tax refunds next year! Is this a joke? I’ve always overpaid and know I am entitled to a refund; now I have to submit myself to paying more by gladly giving up my refund. What is going on here? Our government is way out of control, from local to federal, as well as our judges. Get a clue, it’s my money. These same people are so happy to tell us that they are so glad to serve us, the people who have elected them to office. That’s so much garbage, I don’t think the bears would feed on it. How about they take a 10- to 15-percent decrease in wages? How about the governor doing the same? Right! Just try and suggest it! They should find a real job and stop taking from the working people so their little whims and wage increases can be met through us. They claim it’ll be paid back to us; let’s see the hands, those who believe that. I’m tired of being told the money is for schools, highways or health care – wasn’t that what the lottery was all about?It’s sad these people didn’t have the pleasure of knowing my mom. My parents raised seven of us on a single paycheck earned by my dad, and trust me when I say my mom could take a buffalo nickel, make the Indian on one side scream, and the buffalo on the other run into the sunset. There are two phrases the government should learn to say again and again: “No” is one, and the other is “We can’t afford it.” Maybe if they practice with these words enough, they will just flow from their lips when tempted.There are many social programs that can be said no to, and I’m tired of having my tax dollars given to where I feel is waste. These buffoons should be held accountable. I hope everyone pays attention, wakes up and says no in November. Then again, a no vote would either mean a re-vote or some off-the-wall judge telling us we didn’t know what we were voting for, so we’ll be overruled!One more time, learn the two new phrases, “no” and “We can’t afford it.” Start living within a budget like we do. I pray you all study this stupid ballot, what’s at stake, who could possibly be hurt by it, who has paid more during the year, how stupidly they have spent the year’s money, and then vote no in November. It’s our money, not theirs!Ida Marie KingCarbondale

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