It’s just a ‘fetcher’ |

It’s just a ‘fetcher’

Dear Editor:Tim Semrau’s idea to give a hand out to deed restricted homeowners that they never expected appears to be an attempt to influence the votes of one segment of the town with tax dollars set aside for a different purpose; and it will divide the community. We all came to Aspen to live in harmony and not be separated and categorized as to whether we are renters or have some other type of roof over our heads. The idea is a “fetcher” in the language of old time politics, and we all know it will never pass the City Council.The votes of the folks in deed restricted housing do not depend on them receiving unexpected hand outs. They understand there is no such thing as a free lunch, particularly in politics.Mick Ireland has always fought to protect our community against the powerful special interests, including some selfish developers, and that is my reason for voting for him.Bob Nix Sr.Aspen