It’s just a disagreement |

It’s just a disagreement

Dear Editor:Two questions come to mind after reading the article (The Aspen Times, Tuesday, Feb. 6) about Mayor Duroux being tossed from the high school basketball game this past Saturday night. First is, if Mr. Duroux had not been mayor, would this story be on the front page, if it needed to be news at all, and when did we lose the right to sit anywhere at a sporting event that we wanted to as well as freedom of speech to disagree with a referee’s call?According to the paper, Mr. Rickstrew felt that Mr. Duroux sat right in his line of view. Why would this make Mr. Rickstrew uncomfortable? Should he not have been focusing on the game and not where a particular fan was sitting? It may have impaired his judgment when he chose to throw Mr. Duroux out of the game instead of giving him a warning. From all accounts the only thing Mr. Duroux did was hold down three fingers, indicating that he felt the ref should have called a three-second delay.If anything, the ejection was a way of saying that fans no longer could disagree with a ref’s ability to call a game unless they wanted to lose their right to watch a game.Maybe it is time that this “feud” be dissolved between Basalt and Carbondale by hiring outside refs that have no connection to either school. In the meantime, Mr. Rickstrew should formally apologize to Mr. Duroux and not let past feelings guide how he refs a game either on the court or in the stands.Diana ElliottBasalt

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