It’s getting ridiculous |

It’s getting ridiculous

Dear Editor:

From the City Council that imposes on Aspen a massive, ugly art museum, an abomination that had its existence been placed openly on a ballot would have never passed, now comes a ban on plastic bags.

Not only is this an ill-advised restriction and penalty that will adversely affect the local population, the mere fact that the Council members seem to have ignored or dismissed outright the many incisive letters in opposition to this possibly unconstitutional prohibition begs the question, Have you people lost your collective mind? You are presumed to work for us, not against.

No need to go over old ground on either of these travesties. When the dust clears, we citizens will find ourselves looking up at a nauseating monument apparently to be named after a developer’s relative, and another Big Brother mandate that is certain to impact only those who can least afford it; moreover, the specter of a lawsuit that could further drain the city of even more of its already declining revenue stream proffers little hope for our future in this valley.

I hope all voters will consider the actions of this council, especially those of the mayor (should his proposed term limit extension somehow come to fruition) in the next election and beyond.

Tracy Wynn


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