It’s for all to enjoy |

It’s for all to enjoy

Dear Editor:

I would like to encourage all Basalt voters to support the ballot initiatives concerning the acquisition of the Pan and Fork Mobile Home Park. This is an opportunity we must not let pass by.

Consider these facts: 1. The acquisition price is very fair ” thank Rene Ritchie when you see her. She loves Basalt and the price offered to the town reflects that.

2. This parcel is the centerpiece of the town’s river master plan ” what a wonderful park this will be for all to enjoy. It will become the most used and appreciated park in all of Basalt as it is in the core of Basalt and will provide

continuity for the existing pedestrian trails touching the parcel on both sides!

3. The replacement housing could be provided on-site, on the area bordering Two Rivers Road, and fully financed through sales of the units, if that were the direction Town Council decides to take, or located somewhere else within the urban growth boundary. In that scenario, the River Front Park area would still be available for all to enjoy.

I look forward to the tiny tax increase I will be paying in exchange for what will become the most beautiful and utilized park in the midvalley.

Mark Kwiecienski



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