It’s deja vu with Aspen Skico pricing |

It’s deja vu with Aspen Skico pricing

ASPEN – This season isn’t the first time the Aspen Skiing Co. has cut the price of a full-season pass while making it more expensive for customers who want to hit the slopes twice per week.

The move was even more drastic for the 1994-95 season, a search of The Aspen Times’ archive shows.

The Skico’s full-season, no-validation pass ballooned in price to $1,350 for members of the Aspen and Snowmass Village chambers for the 1993-94 season. A cheaper “mountain passport” pass was available, but it required daily validation fees during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays and other busy times.

Meanwhile, the two-day-per-week pass was sold for $400 that season to chamber members.

The Skico touted a new pricing strategy with great fanfare for the 1994-95 season when it dropped the price of a full-season pass to $900 for chamber members. That was a decrease of $450, or 33 percent. Skico officials at the time said they wanted to reward the skiers who skied most.

The price of the two-day-per-week pass soared 17 percent that season to $470.

The following winter, the Skico kept its strategy intact, slicing the price of the full-season pass by another 6 percent while jacking up the two-day-per-week pass 6 percent. The full-season pass decreased in price from $900 to $850 for the 1995-96 season for chamber members. Two-day passes climbed from $470 to $500.

This year, the Skico reduced the price of the full season pass to $1,099 for chamber members, as long the pass is purchased by a Sept. 18 deadline. That is a decrease of $200 from the prior season.

The two-day-per-week pass got the ax. The Skico is now selling a Flex Pass for $699, which entitles the buyer to one day per week on the slopes. Additional days can be purchased for $49.

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