It’s Deane, not Dean |

It’s Deane, not Dean

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:

How embarrassing to read about planners from the City of Aspen and a couple of developers getting all cranked up about the potential of “Dean” Street.

It’s true, it is “Dean” street, but it is misspelled. It should be Deane street, in honor of Josiah W. Deane, who came to Aspen in the spring of 1880 with B. Clark Wheeler. Deane developed some land south of the town of Aspen which became known as the Deane Addition, which, of course, was in the general neighborhood of Deane Street. In addition to being an early developer, Deane later practiced law in Aspen and became the first judge of Pitkin County, appointed by Governor Pitkin himself. Some of Judge Dean’s offspring still live here, as in Buck and Rick Deane.

I have been occasionally mentioning this misspelling to city officials and staffers for about 20 years, without any results. The ones I’ve talked to usually think they have more important things to deal with, which, in my estimation, shows a definite lack of respect for Aspen’s pioneers and the history of the town.

How poignant, then, that the City is “hawking” its plan to make Deane Street a focal point for some of Aspen’s history.

Let’s start with the correct spelling.

Tony Vagneur


Unofficial Aspen Historian