It’s called free speech |

It’s called free speech

Dear Editor:

Gee, another negative letter to the editor by Bob Guion (“Let the voters decide,” June 22).

A few facts:

First, in the country we live in, the U.S. Constitution guarantees the right to free speech, including individually or collectively the right to have and publicly express an opinion or endorse a candidate.

Second, the only political machine I am involved in is the one our maker gave me and in particular, the two feet that have been hitting the pavement in support of Steve Child. It is called hard work.

In addition, a few individuals exercising their constitutional rights do not make for a political machine. It simply means that a few phone calls/communications were made by a group of similarly experienced people (ex-county commissioners), and they agreed to sign a letter in support of the candidate who stands head and shoulders above the other candidates. As we know, that candidate is Steve Child. Personally, I’m proud to have been asked to join in.

Jack Hatfield

Pitkin County commissioner

Snowmass Village

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