It’s all about gas |

It’s all about gas

Dear Editor:

Pipelineastan. Not Afghanistan. When the Obomer and the rubber-stamp of Congress allocate more money and men there, we can be assured it has nothing to do with our “national security” and everything to do with oil/gas and pipelines.

As the military has admitted, there are only 100 or so al-Qaida in Afghanistan. Why would 100,000 troops be needed to round up 100 irregulars riding around in pick-up trucks? And wouldn’t it be smart to leave those 100 fanatics in a remote primitive region halfway around the world? After all, the 911 attackers “occupied” apartments in Hamburg and New Jersey (though the jury is still out on 911).

The graveyard of Empires as the U.K. and the Soviets know all too well, and as the U.S. military will find out. In five years or so we’ll be lucky if China will lend our military gas money to get home.


Ben Newell


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