It’s all about Aztec |

It’s all about Aztec

Dear Editor:

Aspen Winternational has one of the best courses in the entire world, well, at least for the boys.

Only the girls come to Aspen now, and they don’t even use the best part, Aztec. Aztec is completely wasted. We do not even have a race on it anymore. Plus, it is extremely fun to watch that part.

Back in the 1990s, we had the men here, and this was one of the best courses in the world, a great and exciting course. Finally in 2000, we got rid of the men’s events.

Personally, I think the women can ski Aztec. We are wasting the terrain. We have these spectacular mountains: Let’s use them. I think that the women should have a downhill down Aztec.

Back when the men were racing here we were known as one of the best courses in the world. Now we are known as an OK course. Don’t we want our World Cup stop to be known as the greatest? Aspen needs to be the best, and it would be easy to make our course the most exciting. We just have to have a downhill race go down Aztec.

Aztec just makes the course more existing and technical. We didn’t even have a downhill or a super G. We need to make this a more exciting course.

In Austria there is a course called the Hanenkam. It is known as the best downhill

course in the world. Our course is just as good if we utilize Aztec. Our course could be known as the finest in the world. That helps our economy, our ski company and most importantly our ski mountains. We are just OK; Aspen is better than that. We should to be the best. It would not be hard to be the best. A simple change in our World Cup course, and suddenly we would be known as the greatest in the WORLD.

That would be huge. Aspen would be known all over the world. We could raise our rates for hotels. Not to mention we would have bragging rights over the other countries of the world, even most importantly over Vail. We would have a better course than them. Vail has been stealing the spotlight from us for many years. It’s our turn to take the spotlight from them.

Aztec is steep, fast, fun and famous; let’s use it. The last time we ran a World Cup downhill was a long time ago. “It was awesome,” quoted Roger Marolt. We are wasting our spectacular mountains. We have to be proud of our mountains by using every inch of them.

Clearly, we are wasting our mountains by not using Aztec. We should use it for World Cup to take bragging rights over Vail, and the rest of the world. With Aztec, Aspen could be home to the best World Cup course in the world.

Max Marolt

Snowmass Village

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