It’s about responsibility |

It’s about responsibility

Dear Editor:In response to Su Lum’s column on Nov. 15 and Chris Cassatt’s cartoon on Nov.16:No one should be jailed or have their life ruined by having their private thoughts and fantasies aired in public. However, if your brother was viewing child pornography on the Web or anywhere else, he ought to have been convicted and sent to jail, no matter how brilliant, geeky or afraid he was. The fact is, viewing child pornography is an act that involves others, it isn’t private and it isn’t innocent and it does cause harm to those who cannot protect themselves. I am appalled that you would defend Bill McDonough and Brad Moore. I imagine you, like many Aspenites, knew Bill as a decent fellow who contributed to his community. This is also how many have known Brad Moore. But being good men in this community does not absolve them from being perpetrators and slimeballs in someone else’s community. Brad Moore’s problem was not just fantasizing in the privacy of his own mind, and it isn’t his fantasies that are wrong or his thoughts that are being punished. He is accused of paying someone to furnish him with pornographic pictures of children. If it’s true, that makes Brad Moore DIRECTLY responsible for the fact that children are being abused, for his pleasure and his fantasies. And he is responsible for knowing it’s a crime and for the consequences of his choice to endanger the health and well-being of innocent children who don’t get to make such choices for themselves. In a healthy society, everyone is responsible for the well-being of children. And all adults are responsible for their own behavior. So Su and Chris, take a little responsibility for yourself and those you call friends. Either you and Brad are remarkably stupid, or you just don’t feel up to fighting gravity one more day. You’d rather bury your head at the altar of “it’s not my fault,” “he started it” or “no one told me it was wrong,” and hope someone feels more pity for you than for the children lying on their backs spreading their legs for your innocent fantasies. The basic rules of commerce involve two sides, both are responsible for the end product and it’s use in society. The creators of child porn are slime, but they don’t exist in their own mudhole. The slime who give them money for it are slipping around in the same pile of dung. Brad Moore, if convicted, will be punished for not thinking enough. Chris Cassatt and Su Lum might learn a lesson from it.Anita R. RayburnAspen

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