It’s about love of place |

It’s about love of place

Dear Editor:

Another election season!

We in Aspen are fortunate to have such dedicated, intelligent and motivated individuals willing to serve the community. As any former mayor will tell you, it is a challenging, yet rewarding, task.

Because I believe so firmly that commitment to and love of “place” is key to success in public leadership, I was curious about the answers that the mayoral candidates provided to the “why do you live here” question.

All the candidates enjoy the “small-town character,” whatever that means to each of them … and the beauty, the people, the culture, the sports …

But, only Mick Ireland talks about his “place in the community” and the appreciation for the “broad community participation” and the “active, engaged” people, and the “vibrant” place we enjoy.

That is because since his arrival in this magical place, Mick has been an integral part of that community activity and contribution, as a journalist, an attorney, a county commissioner, a participant in statewide and federal issues of importance to us all, an “activist” in causes of value. The special qualities of our communities and our valleys don’t just happen. This “place” is special because of those who have spent time and energy and soul to maintain the “small-town character” and all the other wonderful reasons we choose to live here.

Mick Ireland recognizes these values because he has been part of their preservation: “find a place in the community … more than a resort … broad community participation in athletic, artistic, intellectual activities … sheer beauty … vibrant, lively place … people are active and engaged.”

A mayor needs to understand those values. Mick understands because he lives them through his activities and his participation. Maintain those qualities. Vote Mick Ireland for mayor.

Dorothea Farris


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