It’s a wonderful Aspen life |

It’s a wonderful Aspen life

Dear Editor:Earlier this week a letter was printed in The Aspen Times suggesting Aspen was turning into an abrasive, angry city and not the peaceful small town she had always known it to be.I feel compelled to rebut these assertions.On my aeroplane to Aspen three weeks ago a fellow passenger offered me a ride into town and even helped carry my luggage upstairs into my apartment – thank you, Kim Smith. The following day I went to Basalt Mini Storage to collect my belongings from the storage unit; thank you, Mary Jo Hughes. Walking along Highway 82 one morning, a police officer stopped to check if I was OK; she even insisted on giving me a ride to Buttermilk it was so cold – thank you, Constable Tina. One afternoon at the library I was invited to attend Crossroads Church by the worship leader – thank you, Derek Brown. My girlfriend arrived last week so a local couple offered me a loan of their car so I could pick her from the aerodrome – thank you, Ali and Rug. I have eaten the greatest ribs on Earth twice since arriving – thank you, Hickory House. We have also eaten twice at Rustique; my girlfriend Annette would like to thank you very much for that. Jenny and Evan Rose as well as Alex and Scott Kendrick have honked at me whilst crossing the street – thank you, guys, for the welcome. A tiny little electric golf cart even gave me a “toot toot” last week – thanks, Brooksie (nice wheels by the way). I saw the general manger of a local hotel riding RFTA like everyone else, as well as reading his positive, upbeat letters to the editor; thank you, Warren and Kathy Klug. Tuesday morning I was walking by City Market in the early morning when I saw an employee picking up trash from outside the loading dock – he was not on the clock, not in uniform; I do not even know how he saw the debris mixed in with the snow but he was cleaning it up on his way to work – thank you, Felix. Leaving my office last night I saw more than 60 local AVSC kids picking up snowboards from the shop at Buttermilk only made possible by the generosity of D&E and Four Mountain Sports – thank you, Matt and Neil. Walking around town on Wednesday night I saw a commotion below the gondola, where 100 more local AVSC kids were collecting skis only possible because of the generosity of Gorsuch! Thank you, guys, since you have been doing this forever. How good is this AVSC – phenomenal, I reckon; thank you, AVSC. Aspen is not turning into an abrasive, angry city – I’ve only been back here three weeks and I think it is fantastic. There’s snow, and everything looks ready to go. I am totally psyched about being part of this fantastic little community. Mark WilkinsonAspen

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